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The mission of the Charlotte Land Trust is to conserve the natural and working lands of Charlotte for the benefit of present and future generations

South Charlotte Farm and Viewshed Project Completed!

Charlotte has just gained another conserved farm – Head Over Fields Farm. In March, John and Carol Snow sold 71.7 acres of excellent farmland to Katie Rose Leonard and Bryan Seward; at the same time they sold a conservation easement on that land to the Vermont Land Trust. The property is a major component of the Mt Philo scenic viewshed.  

The conserved land is now the site of Head Over Fields Farm.   It will open this spring selling a mix of produce and flowers, with possible future expansion into poultry and other crops.

Funding for the project was from the Vermont Housing and Conservation Board, the Town of Charlotte Conservation Fund and numerous generous donors to CLT. CLT would like to express our sincere appreciation to our donors, the Town of Charlotte and our project partners, John and Carol Snow, Katie Rose Leonard and Bryan Seward and the Vermont Land Trust.

4,000 acres in resource-rich lands are conserved in Charlotte

“The health of all life, including our own, depends on the health of our soil, water and air, and the complex ecosystems they support. That’s why public and private conservation is so important. The Charlotte Land Trust helps us fulfill our stewardship responsibility right here at the local level, by identifying and negotiating the protection of areas, so they can contribute to Charlotte’s environmental health.” Linda Hamilton