The Charlotte Land Trust Annual Report for 2016 is ready!

We are excited that our latest annual report is hot off the press and should be in the mail to you soon.  In case you are not a resident or Charlotte or a recent donor, here is a link to it.

Hinsdale/Preston Project Completed

The sale and conservation of a 101-acre parcel by Clark Hinsdale to Dylan and Ward Preston was completed on March 22. This was a great project that not only conserved a parcel of very good farmland in Town; it made it affordable for a young farmer to be able to purchase his first farm.  In addition, the project also included a trail easement to the Town as a possible future link to East Charlotte and Mt. Philo.

The Charlotte Land Trust was pleased to work with the Vermont Land Trust, which will hold the conservation easement. We thank all the parties that worked to make this project a success. A special thank you to the landowner, Clark Hinsdale and the buyers, Dylan and Ward Preston. Without Clark, Dylan and Ward's commitment to seeing the lands conserved, it would not have happened.

This project is a great illustration of the ways that conservation projects come together.

Helping to protect and preserve the rural, agricultural landscape of Charlotte


Sunset from Mt. Philo
Looking East from the top of Barber Hill
Crows on Burns Property
Camel's Hump from Charlotte
Mack Farm Herd
Aerial View of Williams Woods
Burleigh Forest Waterfall
View from Gailbreath Property
Crossbreed Cow on Burleigh Farm
Farming on Lockhart Property
View from Mt. Philo with Conserved Land in Foreground
Knowles Farm
Charlotte Berry Farm pumpkins
Greenbush Road Conserved Field
Snowshoes on CLT Guided Raven Ridge Hike

For over twenty years, the Charlotte Land Trust has been in the business of conserving the special natural, scenic and agricultural areas in Charlotte so they will be here for future generations.  We were founded by a group of concerned local people who initially organized in order to protect a very large field on the corner of Lake and Greenbush Roads. Since then, CLT became incorporated sixteen years ago as a non-profit entity and has helped to preserve many of our notable natural resources.

CLT’s mission is to preserve, protect and enhance the historic and rural beauty of the area by conserving natural resources in the form of agricultural lands, forests, and wild areas.  We are committed to assisting in the planning for Charlotte’s growth and development so that agricultural, commercial, residential and recreational land needs are balanced by the townspeople’s often expressed desire for the preservation and protection of working farms, natural areas and scenic resources.

To date, Charlotte can be proud that more than 4,000 acres of resource rich lands in the town are conserved with conservation easements.  This slideshow highlights pictures from some of the properties in Charlotte that were conserved either through the efforts of the Charlotte Land Trust or one of our other conservation partners.