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The mission of the Charlotte Land Trust is to conserve the natural and working lands of Charlotte for the benefit of present and future generations

Marty Illick

All of us on the Charlotte Land Trust board are deeply saddened at the loss of our fellow board member, Marty Illick, and her partner, Terry Dinnan.   Marty was a board member for over 20 years. She was instrumental to the success of many conservation projects to protect farmland, scenic views and vistas and especially natural areas and waterways.   Her most recent completed project conserved forestland and a mile of frontage along Lewis Creek in Charlotte.

Although Marty’s knowledge of forest and river ecology was extensive, she was equally well versed in farmland conservation and issues facing farms and farmers.   Her insight and knowledge of people and organizations in the agricultural sector was extremely helpful as we worked on farmland conservation and more recently on CLT’s Farm Study.

Marty was a people person.   She was thoughtful and supportive in working with landowners on the often complex process of conserving land.   She was tireless in seeing projects through to successful conclusions and was always sensitive to landowners’ needs.    We learned so much from her and her dedication was an inspiration.   Her passion for this beautiful place in which we live enriched us all.   We will miss her greatly.

4,000 acres in resource-rich lands are conserved in Charlotte

“The health of all life, including our own, depends on the health of our soil, water and air, and the complex ecosystems they support. That’s why public and private conservation is so important. The Charlotte Land Trust helps us fulfill our stewardship responsibility right here at the local level, by identifying and negotiating the protection of areas, so they can contribute to Charlotte’s environmental health.” Linda Hamilton