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The mission of the Charlotte Land Trust is to conserve the natural and working lands of Charlotte for the benefit of present and future generations

What are those red conserved land signs?

Every summer the Charlotte Land Trust posts red “This Land is Conserved Forever” signs around almost all of the conserved land in Charlotte. The purpose of this “flagging” of our conserved properties is to give a visual reminder of what properties have been conserved in our town through the years. Residents may notice that some of the land is farmland, while other properties are wildlife habitat, scenic vistas and natural areas. We are fortunate to have a wide range of properties that are conserved. Some of the conserved land allows public access (such as Raven Ridge, Pease Mountain, Williams Woods and the Charlotte Park and Wildlife Refuge) while others are not open to public access.

As always, thank you so much to this generous community for your support of conservation. Conservation has been a goal in the Town Plan for many years, and we hope that you will enjoy seeing the results of your support as you travel around town for the first 10 days of July!

4,000 acres in resource-rich lands are conserved in Charlotte

“The health of all life, including our own, depends on the health of our soil, water and air, and the complex ecosystems they support. That’s why public and private conservation is so important. The Charlotte Land Trust helps us fulfill our stewardship responsibility right here at the local level, by identifying and negotiating the protection of areas, so they can contribute to Charlotte’s environmental health.” Linda Hamilton