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Farmstands and Farmers’ Markets

In just 50 square miles, the tiny town of Charlotte is beyond blessed with local farms and food. Our land still supports dairy farms, both conventional and organic, but it now also hosts wheat, barley, grapes and hemp. We have apples, pick-your-own berries and even Vermont grown figs. Locally roasted coffee? Check. Shrimp grown sustainably inside an old calving barn? Check. Bakers making artisan loaves? Check. And come summer, the freshest vegetables you’ve ever seen are bursting from the fields at Unity Farm, Stony Loam Farm and more. If you’re looking to roast a leg of lamb from an animal raised just past the Charlotte-Essex ferry crossing, no problem. How about regeneratively raised beef, slaughtered on site and butchered in house? Head over to Philo Ridge to get that. See what we’re saying? We’re absurdly lucky to live and eat here!

Jessie Price, CLT Board Member

Here are some good sources for finding a local farmers' market or food provider close to you:

ACORN Champlain Valley Food & Farm Guide and Map