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Charlotte Farms Profiles

Agriculture is an important aspect of Charlotte’s heritage, economy and rural lifestyle. These farms are highlighted now and more enterprises will be added over time. Please contact us if you would like your farm to be included.

Adam's Berry Farm

Farmers: Adam Hausmann and Jessica Sanford


Adam’s Berry Farm is certified organic berry farm in Charlotte, Vermont. The farm has been in operation since 2001 and has developed into one of Vermont’s largest certified organic berry farms. They primarily grow strawberries, blueberries and raspberries. They also make popsicles and sorbets, jams and vinegars with their fruit. All of their products are sold locally and at the farm. The farm also hosts a vibrant pick your own berry operation and many other farm and family events. They strive to use the best growing practices to create healthy and delicious fruit for the Vermont food system.

Donegan Farm

Farmer: Joseph and Emily Donegan

The Donegan family continues to adapt their practices to accommodate the slumping organic dairy market. Joe and Emily have reduced the number of cows and adjusted their milking schedule to reduce their reliance on hired help. As Joe explained, “Labor effciency, cost of feed, cost of bedding material, and soil fertility are four interrelated parts of our farm system that need improving as we move forward. Lord willing, a continued fine-tuning of our approach will enable both our family and farm to thrive.”

Grass Cattle Company

Farmer: Steve Shubart


Grass Cattle Company raises grass fed, antibiotic & hormone free beef on a 160 acre ranch in Charlotte, VT. The ranch is owned and operated by first-generation-rancher and Vermont-native, Steve Schubart, who started Grass Cattle Company in 2016 upon graduating Vermont Tech with a B.S. in Diversified Agriculture. 

Steve practices regenerative agriculture which is an agricultural system that focuses on soil health, improving water cycles, increasing biodiversity, and sequestering carbon. During the grazing season the herd is rotated to fresh pasture multiple times per day with portable fence allowing each animal to fatten and finish on all the fresh grass they can eat. 

This method of raising grass fed beef creates a fat and tender eating experience that is truly unique and captures Vermont’s pastoral landscape in every bite. Grass Cattle Company beef is available through and at several local farm stands throughout the Champlain valley.

Philo Ridge Farm

Owners: Diana McCargo and Peter Swift


Besides the restored barns and carefully curated market, one of the most striking visuals at Philo Ridge Farm is the herd of Belted Galloway cows. This heritage breed forms the backbone of their intensive rotational grazing system, an approach which aims to produce top quality meat, while growing nutrient rich grasses, increasing soil fertility and trapping carbon in the ground. The farm’s store, café, and events provide a market for the meat and vegetables grown on the land as well as a gathering place for the community.

Stony Loam Farm

Farmers: Dave Quickel and Emma Burroughs

Web site:

Stony Loam Farm is a certified organic vegetable farm in East Charlotte. For the last fifteen years we've been growing the highest quality produce and providing it to the local community. We have an CSA that brings people to our farm and engages them directly in their food system. Our produce can also be found in a variety of local restaurants and grocery stores.