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Conserved Lands


Conservation is an effective way to protect high quality farmland and to enable farmers to acquire land at its agricultural, rather than its development, value.   Historically, farmland conservation has involved large parcels but the transition from dairy agriculture, and its hay and corn fields, to diversified farms has made conservation of smaller parcels with excellent soils a priority as well.


Scenic views and vistas are rarely the only features of a conserved property but they are frequently what most of us see and respond to.   A landscape of farmland interspersed with blocks of forests and streams is what characterizes Charlotte and speaks to the values the community holds important.

Natural Area

Wetlands, forests, wildlife habitat and corridors, uncommon or rare plant species and communities and waterways are crucial parts of a healthy ecosystem and conservation can help protect these features as well.   These parts of our landscape are frequently less visible but recognition of their importance has grown and natural area conservation is now a key component of our conservation work.

“The Charlotte Land Trust is so important as it protects our beautiful and unique landscapes here in Charlotte.  Everytime I see those red CLT signs, it makes me smile to know that vista will remain the same for future generations to enjoy.” Linda Gilbert